Just Bouncin party and event activity rentals

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when renting from us. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please e-mail or call for more information.

Setting Up

  • How much space is required for a bounce house, obstacle course, or inflatable slide? All of our moonwalks are large, and measure 15x15 feet or more. An additional 2 to 3 feet on each side of the unit is necessary for safety and ease of entry into the unit. The moonwalks can be setup either indoors and outdoors, as long as space permits. Please check the schematic of the unit you are interested in our Inflatables Gallery.
  • Who sets up the unit? We pride ourselves in having a team of professional representatives that are properly trained to set up and deliver each piece of equipment. Each representative will review the safety instructions with you so that you can enjoy the unit in a safe manner.
  • What is needed to set up the unit? All we need is a relatively flat, open area that does not have any overhead obstructions and a power outlet within 50 feet of where the unit is to be used.
  • Do we need to supply any extra equipment? No. We supply everything that is needed to get the units up and running. We have extension cords reaching up to 125 feet that will give us a wide area to work from. Generators are available upon request for an additional charge.
  • Can the unit be set up in a lot? Yes, we can set up on most all surfaces as long as they are flat and level.
  • Are the units delivered and set up at my location? Yes. Not only do we deliver the units promptly, we also set them up and take them down once you are done to ensure the safest possible environment for your children. All of this is included as part of our first-class service. Delivery is FREE for bounce units within our service area.

Using the Bounce House

  • Can a bounce house, slide, or obstacle course be used in the rain? We always reserve the right to cancel a reservation if it rains or there are high winds. However, if weather conditions change after we drop off the unit, we require that you do not use the unit if it becomes wet. The units become very slippery when wet and can cause injury to children and adults.
  • What are my responsibilities when using the unit? You MUST adhere to the safety and operating guidelines. A responsible adult must be present at all times when the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and must enforce them at all times. You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage.
  • Does there need to be an adult supervisor? Yes. An adult supervisor must be present anytime the unit is being used.

Rental Information

  • Is there a deposit required when renting a unit? No deposit is required to reserve a unit. However, payment in full is due at the time of set-up, either by cash or check. Simply call us at (734) 497-6946 and we will gladly schedule your event.
  • Is there a cancellation fee? No. We do not charge a cancellation fee or require a 24 hour cancellation notice, however it is greatly appreciated! Since no deposit is required you may cancel at any time without having to worry about arranging for a refund. However, there are no refunds provided once the unit has been set up.
  • How far in advance should I rent a unit? We are always taking reservations for equipment. The sooner you call the better. Most equipment during the summer season gets booked about 4 weeks in advance.
  • How long can I use the rented unit? You can rent the bounce houses starting at 4 hours; we are very flexible and dedicated to making each event successful, so please contact us with any special requirements.


  • Is Just Bouncin insured? We are licensed, insured, and inspected by the State of Ohio Amusement Ride Safety Division. We meet all requirements for our equipment. If you are a Michigan resident, be aware that Michigan has no such requirements. Most other Michigan companies not only are not inspected, but also don't even have insurance!
  • Are the units clean? Yes. All of our units are cleaned and disinfected with environmentally safe cleaners.
  • Are the units safe? Yes! Our units are built tough and exceed all industry standards for safety, durability and playability! Your safety is our number 1 priority; therefore we take pride in providing premium constructed products to our customers. Our units contain no lead, and are all constructioned in the United States.