about just bouncin
Just Bouncin supports and purchases only products made in the United States. We take pride in providing our customers with American manufactured bouncers. We believe in supporting U.S. workers and putting our money back into our community! Our superior customer service and standards are what set us apart from other bounce house rental companies.

fully insured in michigan and ohio
We are fully licensed, insured and inspected by the State of Ohio Amusement Ride Safety Division every spring . We meet and exceed all requirements for our equipment. If you are a Michigan resident, be aware that Michigan has no such requirements. Michigan based companies are not required to pass inspections, adhere to state mandated safety standards, nor are they required to carry insurance. We are happy to provide proof of insurance to our customers at any time.

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safe bounce house rental
Just Bouncin is committed to making sure that your children have a clean and healthy area in which to play.

  • No bouncin boo-boos - Our units are fully enclosed for optimal safety and security. Protecting your children and keeping them safe is our number one priority.
  • Fun in the sun - Having a fully enclosed inflatable not only increases strength, stability and security, but it enhances the protection from the sun on your children.
  • Germ busters - We safeguard your child's health by sanitizing our equipment after each event to ensure the best possible environment.
  • Strength in numbers - Our inflatable's are made from the finest quality 18.5 oz fire resistant commercial grade vinyl, and are lead free!